Friday, May 3, 2013

Vegan cup cakes for a Romantic Birthday - Now in Sri Lanka

Vegan cup cakes for a Romantic Birthday or a Hang over with your gals for a little chat the guilt free way.
Come and indulge in a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache decorate with strawberries or vanilla cup cake with vegan glaze topping or a lemon cup cake with vegan lemon glaze to suit your every mood. No milk, no butter, no eggs and most importantly NO GUILT. So what DO you guys use...? Is the next big question.. Well we use all vegetable based products and soya products (using ingredients imported from Australia, home to the second largest vegan community in the world) to bake these beauties. Come and give these vegan cup cake beauties a try the all new vegan cakes right here in Sri Lanka.  Chocolate Cup Cake with Chocolate Ganache Price 240/= per cup, Vanilla Cup Cake with a Vegan Icing topping (can add a fruit flavor as per the availability) Price 200/= per cup and lemon/lime cup cake with vegan lemon/lime glaze Price 200/= per cup. No Artificial Food flavors added, no artificial colouring or preservatives. Available only around Colombo , Sri Lanka and deliveries can be arranged, minimum order is a pack of 6 yummy guilt free cup cakes. Please order 1 day in advance so that you would not be disappointed because we freshly bake each order to give you the best taste in real vegan treats.

Special Offers
Pack of 12 Chocolate Cup Cakes: Rs. 2,500/=
Pack of 12 Vanilla or Lemon Cup Cakes: Rs: 2,100/=
Pack of 12 Mix Flavours Cup Cakes: Rs: 2,250/=

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vegan cup cakes for romantic birthday

Vegan cup cakes for romantic birthday .
No Animal no ingredients  . Price 240/= per cup  .
Call Sulochana + 94773526201  ( available only around Colombo , Sri Lanka )